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Hi. My name is James. I'd like to tell you about my experience with League of Legends.

I installed League of Legends in the summer of 2014 and quickly found the sheer number of champions, meta roles, and item build orders to be overwhelming. I'd find myself building less-effective items early and missing out on the most essential items. Learning a new champion and new item builds week after week was difficult.

It was difficult because I kept having to alt-tab to my browser to check build guides. Half of the time the guides were old and out-dated. Or they were written by someone who had no business writing a guide. And there were usually too many options. What good is guide for an AD champion that pretty much just lists every AD item?

What I really wanted to find information about how how the pros were building the champions that I was playing. I wanted to know what items they started with, what they rushed early game, and a few options for late game. And I wanted to know what they were building this week. Today even. Not what they built last season or three patches ago.

I've got a software development background and soon discovered Riot's API documentation. I was able to scrap together an algorithm to analyze millions of rows of match data to build snapshots of what items champions build, and in what order they do so. And with that we had the first version of

Soon I had friends working with me to optimize our algorithms, and to fine-tune our queries so that we could analyze more builds. This is when we realized we still hadn't solved one of the biggest problems. The Alt+Tab.

Why is Alt+Tabbing out of a match to check a build a problem? Every time you leave the client, you lose focus. It's no conscious. You can't do anything about it, but it happens. Now you're in a browser where you need to find the information you were looking for, make a decision or two, and get back into the game. You've just waited valuable time that you should have been using to communicate with your team, to check the enemies builds and kill counts, to analyze the map and current situation that your team is in.

What we needed to do was to bring that build information right into your client.

And so, we'd like you to ...

Meet the Recommended
Items Updater App

The App

The LoL Builder App is an application that imports the best Diamond Player builds directly into your in-game interface below the normal "Recommended Items" tab at the shop.

Run Daily

Run the App once a day to download the latest build trends from our servers right into your League of Legends game client.

Stay up to date with every champion, in most every role, after every patch.

Top Builds for the Meta & Alternative Roles
Each Build includes a quick Build Overview

As well as a skill order summary - straight from ranked Diamond games.

Skill Order
Starting Item Sets

Show you exactly how the Diamond players spend their starting gold.

Starting Item Sets
Early Game Items

Exactly what to build and when to build it to maximize your champions effectiveness and early game dominance.

Early Game Items
Final Items

Finally, the late game options, presented in order by how often they are seen in ranked Diamond games.

Final Items
Builds for Every Map.
Summoner's Rift
Twisted Treeline
Howling Abyss
Crystal Scar

Patch Changes. New Champions. New Items.

Patch Changes

Significant and minor item and ability changes affect how champions are built. You'll always be up to date.

New Champions

Complete Builds and Ability orders are available just hours after the champion goes live.

New Game Modes

The App is a blessing when you want to try a new champion in one of Riots new game modes or if you love ARAM.

New Items

New Items are assimilated into the builds as soon as they work their way into Diamond games.

See the App

Check this out

You've read enough. Now see how our App can greatly enhance your game client and playing experience.

Looking for more? Here we can go through the complete installation processes and show how to run the app and what it does for you in game.

Seen enough? Ready to get started?


Bronze to Diamond

The diamond player handbook is a 12 installment, self-paced, instructional course that consists of many illustrations to help you improve your in-game decision making. It also includes customized training drills with progress charts that you can use to increase your skill level.

Here are some of the 12 installments included in this handbook:
In-Game Setup

This installment covers properly configuring your in-game interface, you'd be surprised at how many players play at a disadvantage because they don't have their hotkeys or interface setup appropriately.

What Objectives

In the ongoing of battle of when is the right time to baron, to dragon, or to get a tower; we've answered all of these questions in detail here based on what the pros do.

Pre-Game Strategy

Things you need to consider before you even think about playing the game that will increase your likelihood of victory and move you up the ladder.

In-Game Strategy

Sometimes a turret isn't worth defending and sometimes it's better to lose your lane gracefully early on instead of trying to hold it. This installment gives you the peace of mind to know you're doing the right thing to win even if you're Bronze team disagrees.

Team Fight Strategy

This chapter will help you calculate your chances of winning a team fight before it begins based on positioning, whether its 3v5 or 5v5, and based on cooldown availability. A single team fight gone bad in late game can result in an immediate loss.

Mastering a Champion

This installment covers the exact process many professional players use when they look at mastering a new champion.

Access the eBook and the App Immediately

Our Infrastructure

What do you get when you sign up for LoLBuilder Premium?

The true power of and our software is the hidden infrastructure that no one ever sees.

Match Crawler Crawlers

Discovers and streams game data from the official RIOT APIs to our data stores.

Match History Crawlers

Streams match history data from the official RIOT APIs to our data stores.

Summoner Stats Crawler

Streams individual summoner data from the official RIOT APIs to our data stores.

Redshift Warehouse

A fast, petabyte-scale data warehouse that efficiently analyzes game and summoner data.

Build Analytics Processors

The workhorse servers that employ Redshift to find the build paths and aggregate data points.

Web Servers

Hosts for the front end, our News site and our premium member sites.

And finally, the custom software suite written by our team. Our software is designed to efficiently and effectively analyze millions of games per day to find build trends and patterns.

We're constantly tweaking the algorithms to improve the output, and finding new data points to collect, record, and analyze.

Our Team

A group of peers on a mission to change the game.

We are engineers, designers, and data scientists. We are gamers.

Jamo S.

Product Manager

This guy is the vision behind He's brought our software suite from concept to reality and ensures the product continues to move forward.

Prefers Brand Mid.

Rosahn T.

Advanced Analytics Engineer

Rosh is our top notch data scientist. He specializes in building data models from large data sets and in bending analytics technology to his will.

Prefers Jarvan IV Top.

Mike N.

Software Developer

Mike writes code for our sites, devices, and cloud infrastructure. He works on the front-end and back-end, as well as on the desktop and mobile clients.

Prefers Sion Top.

Thomas V.


Thomas is a published author who enjoys writing content both on the web and on the printed page.

Prefers Miss Fortune Bot.

Summoner Testimonials

Here is what some users have said (via email, support channels, and surveys)

  • The app is great and it saves a huge amount of time when building item sets.testimonial img Terrell
  • Overall the app is fantastically easy to use and I'm chuffed to bits with the ingenuousness and simplicity of the app! testimonial img Joel
  • Best part is the easy access to builds so dont have to go online when trying out a new champion. testimonial img Ross
  • When I play a champion or role outside my norm, I don`t really have to worry about what to build. testimonial img Hannah
  • Anything that is complicated is useless and anything that is simple is useful. That describes your app beautifully. Keep up the great work! testimonial img Adam
  • Finally, no need to frantically look up item builds, or worry that they are out of date. testimonial img Mark
  • These are much better items than default recommended. testimonial img Alan
  • My favorite thing is that I can jump onto any champion and have a good idea what I should be building or play. testimonial img Peter

These testimonials and comments were collected
through a survey sent to existing LoLBuilder Premium Users.

LoLBuilder Premium is for all skill levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legal?

Yes. We've worked with the Riot Developer Relations Team to ensure that LoLBuilder Premium is legal and OK to use by everyone.

Will my account get banned?

Nope. uses a Riot Games API Key. If we weren't following the rules set forth by Riot, our key would be invalidated.

Where does the data come from?

All of the data comes directly from the official RIOT Games API.

Does the App include all maps and all champions?

Typically, yes. We need to have enough recent games to determine valid and up-to-date builds. It turns out there are some champion and map combinations that get played very rarely. Like Malzahar on the Crystal Scar. To help with this, in some cases we'll consider games outside of the Diamond league.

Is this really legal?

This really is really legal.

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Me again. The last thing I wanted I wanted to tell you is this: you won't be disappointed. We've been doing this since 2013. We've recently seen our 200 millionth build downloaded by our users.

And lastly, once you sign up, if you're unhappy with the eBook and App for any reason, we've got the best guarantee out there. Read more about or 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee program here.

Thanks, see you on the Rift.

Items Updater App
  • In-Game Access
  • All Champions
  • All Maps
  • Daily Downloads
  • Skill Order Summary
  • Starting Item Sets
Bronze to Diamond eBook
  • 12 Chapters
  • Illustrations
  • Video
  • Training Drills
  • In-Game Setup
  • Pre-Game Strategy
  • What Objectives & When
  • In-Game Strategy
  • Team Fight Strategy
  • Mastering a Champion

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